Message Manager



Email + SmartPhone

  1. Create email marketing campaigns to promote products or services.
  2. Ensure marketing message is conveyed clearly and delivered properly to prospects
  3. Ensure messages are sent in proper form and template
  4. Proofread emails for clarity, grammar, and spelling
  5. Develop a personalization strategy.
  6. Include specific graphics, incentives, and detailed descriptions.
  7. Review messages for brevity.
  8. Send messages to opt ins
  9. Ensure messages are mobile-friendly.
  10. Manage database of emails for lead generation.
  11. Manage non-deliverable email addresses and opt-outs.
  12. Include persuasive ‘call-to-actions’ in advertisements and promotions


Р Excellent and Engaging copywriting to drive sales with strong calls to action.
Р Graphic design skill
– Experienced in Active Campaign, Mailchimp, Zapier, WordPress, HTML, Facebook, Google, YouTube

Tracking Lists
Scrubbing Emails
Metrics on Emails and Campaigns
Verifying valid emails
Strategies to Increase Deliverability of Email List
Opt-Ins for Form Fills
Creating Templates
Experience building lists of scrapers
Amazon SES – SendMail
Constant Contact
Creating Email Templates and Call to Actions on Site

Mailchimp | iContact | Constant Contact

Mailchimp | iContact | Constant Contact


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