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Web Developer APP DEV Coder Programmer

ASP.NET, Angular, node.js, MVC, C, C++, C#, OO, React, Ruby, Python, Oracle, Java, AEM, Rails, Heroku.

JavaScript, Webpack, ES6, React, Express, jQuery
MobX library using state management simple and scalable
transparently applying functional reactive programming (TFRP)

Redux is extensible and fully responsive framework for WordPress themes and plugins. Redux supports a multitude of field types as well as: custom error handling, custom fields & validation types, and import/export functionality.

Typescript compilation/bundling Webpack

Cross-browser/device UI (HTML5, SASS, LESS, Flexbox, Bootstrap)
Asynchronous request handling and promises
performance debugging and benchmarking
Unit and e2e testing (Selenium, Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, etc.)
A/B tests, NixOS, Kanban, client-side browser storage
AWS (S3, CloudFront, EC2, RDS, ALB)
GULP, Webpack, modern workflows.

Full Stack Developer coding languages C#, Javascript, T-SQL / NoSQL React.js

NodeJS, Angular 5, Bootstrap 4, HTML 5, CSS 3, MySQL, PHP, Spring, MVC, Hibernate, ReactJS, React Native, Core Java, Node JS, Meteor.js, Full Stack, MEAN Stack, C#, C++, Razor Script, jQuery, Javascript, T-SQL, Microsoft .Net webforms. SOAP and RESTful, ODATA, SASS / LESS, SVN, API. DNN, Umbraco CMS, Java/J2EE

Visual Studio, Oracle queries and stored procs, Maven and JIR, Jboss, SVG graphical applications, Select Your Own Seat methodologies, graphical slideshows / faders using dynamic database calls, Tessitura API and/or ticketing/event reservation systems.

SQL – Backup and Restore, Porting from old SQL Database, Table creation, sProc creation.
AWS – IIS Server setup, code maintenance, redundant server configuration, SQL maintenance, backup, restore planning.
IIS – Basic ability to configure websites, install SSL Certificates, good knowledge of web.config and apppool.config setup plus familiarity with IIS Event Log and debugging techniques.

Mobile application development (hybrid or native), UI modelling (MVC, MVW, MVVM), Javascript prototyping / using browser core functions, javascript frameworks: bootstrap, jquery, jquery plugin, nodeJS, reactJs, FetchAPI, JSON query / format specification, UX front end that invokes web api / RESTful implementation, chrome developer tools for network diagnosis / script debugging, responsive design methodology, network security / internet proxy and configuration for troubleshooting, coding standard / design pattern / nomenclature, Github, Web api / RESTFul implementation, AngularJS 1+, ionic/cordova, native-reactJs, Android Studio / xcode, Database design

Visual Studio
Chrome DevTools
Sublime Text
React with Node.
Responsive design
Accessibility guidelines
Netlify, Gatsby.js, Contentful
atomic design principles
server side
Agile, Scrum

–  Umbraco V4
–  DNN (Dot Net Nuke) CMS
– .NET environment
— CSS3 – Bootstrap 3, responsive design with breakpoints etc.
— HTML – extensive knowledge of language
— HTML5 javascript and SVG.
— C# and Razor Script
— Webforms – .net framework from V2 to V4.5+ – interface to Tessitura and SQL
— MVC – .net framework V4 +
— Angular JS
— SQL – Backup and Restore
— jQuery – client side customization – dynamic code injection and on the fly style modification.

AWS  |  IIS | SSL Certificates  | Config setup | Event Log |  Debugging | Rackspace

PHP | HTML5 | CSS3 | UI/UX | JavaScript | jQuery | AngularJS | Frameworks | WordPress | Drupal | Joomla | Plugins | Responsive Design | Theme Modification | Domain Registration | Hosting | Networks | A Records | DNS | MX Entries | E-mail Configuration | Mailgun | Mailchimp | API | SEO | Blogs | Directories | Links | SEM | Video | Email Marketing | Social Media | Content Marketing | Mobile First | ECMAScript 6 | AJAX | REST | WebSocket | NodeJS | ExpressJS | React | Redis | MongoDB | Memcached | Neat | Cross-browser | Stylus | SASS | LESS | Git | NGINX | AWS | Docker | Bootstrap | JSON | RESTful Grunt | Gulp | WebPack | JIRA

JavaScript frameworks: ReactJS, YUI3, AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone.js, Knockout, Require.js, Underscore, JQuery.

Unit and functional testing (Karma, Jasmine, Mocha)
CSS3 & CSS frameworks and preprocessors (Bootstrap, SASS, LESS)
Client-side templating (Handlebars, Mustache, Jade, etc.)
Build scripts and automation (Gulp, Grunt, rake)
Consuming a REST API on the client
Distributed version control (Git)

• Java i18n
• Spring
• J2EE Technologies including JSP / Servlets, EJB3, JMS, JDBC, JMX
• Web Services / SOA, XML, XSL, SOAP
• Tomcat, JBoss, SQL Server, Mongo DB
• Deep familiarity of modern web application technologies & frameworks
• Experience architecting and developing enterprise integration systems
• Code Build Tools such as Jenkins / Bamboo
• Agile and SCRUM development process and software release processes.



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